and acknowledgements

Jon Nilsen - @jonaagenilsen for your continued friendship and constant help, support and advice for all things LINUX. Has a useful repo at GitHub also.

Cale Robertson @retryW one of the first contacts I made in when setting up my first codiushost.

Ali @baltazar223 the depth and breadth of your knowledge is awesome, without your calm and patient support I would be lost. I will try not to badger you at all hours with dumb ass questions.

rabbit @RabbitKickClub for your help and assistance with the setting up of the validating node. The guides available on your website The Rabbit Kick Club very useful too.

These are just a few of the people that have given their time to aid me in my quest to bring this all together and become a reality. There in no particular order but I value all the contributions you have made.  Apologies if I have missed any one out.

Its not only the technical help I have received that needs a mention. The XRPCommunity at large has given me inspiration and determination to succeed in this venture. Everyone that I have been in contact with has added something to all that I have achieved so far. Friendship and commradery is very much alive and well within the community, thank you for that.

A special mention must go to GSG_Charities and the people behind the wonderfully generous charitable causes that they support. I applaud all your efforts to make other peoples lives better.  For this reason, will try and assist with help and support by donating all Coil payments that are received from you by viewing this content, to them.  

To everyone that has given their time and energy to assist me with getting this project off the ground and running, I say a very BIG THANK YOU. Without your help, guidance and encouragement I would have been forced to give this up at a very early stage.